Visit Beautiful Crete

The island of Crete has been considered the cradle of European Civilization for thousands of years. Located on the southern frontier of Europe, famous artists, athletes and important businessmen still discover and admire the natural beauty here. It continues to be a universally popular tourist spot with once in a lifetime views of endless beaches and turquoise seas.

The island is strategically placed in the Mediterranean Sea bordered by the Libyan Sea and the Sea of Crete. All of Europe seems to overflow with tourists from mid July through August. You will find smaller crowds in January and February but the rainfall can be heavier at this time. One of the best times for visiting is in May when the sea is warm and the flowers are blooming. Enjoy the island’s delightful towns without the crush of crowds. Many people decide to plan a great summer trip since it is more convenient to everyone’s schedule.

Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. It is divided in four prefectures or regions; Rethimno, Heraklion, Chania and Lasithi. There are daily flights here from the Athens airport. The diversity of the landscape will give you ample reason to slow down and enjoy your holiday time. Many people have had great success planning for the best accommodations with a preferred travel agency. They have the personal connections to easily give familiarity with this country.

If you are only interested in a hotel close to major sites, you can let them know ahead of time. They are adept at customizing your vacation and setting the scene for those intimate experiences you were hoping for. The Greek Islands can give a leisure respite, a great location for business trips or a romantic getaway. Teachers love to plan educational student trips to the historic Greek Islands.

Many hotels and restaurants, especially in the resorts, give a superior value. You will enjoy first hand views of rugged, tall mountains rising steeply from the sea form many of the cities, towns and villages. You will definitely want to visit the museums and see the archaeological sites while you are here. You will find remnants of Roman and Turkish aqueducts and architecture as well as the ruins of the ancient Minoan civilization.

The Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion will amaze you with wonderful treasure. Olive groves, vineyards, orange and lemon orchards all abound in the lush valleys and mountainsides. They show the essence and the heartbeat of this island. In eastern Crete, you will not want to miss Spinalonga Island located in the Elounda Bay. This is an authentic Venetian fortress that was later occupied by the Turkish.

When you travel, you want to combine style and ultimate comfort. There is a package for every budget. Get the information needed ahead of time and organize the best travel experience on your schedule. How can you go wrong with delicious, fresh cuisine, spectacular scenery and hospitality.

Many families are now organizing small group package for family reunion trips. It is also a good idea to gather up to date information on the attractions, child friendly hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Experienced travelers are always on the look out for helpful travel tips.

When you make your first trip to the island, you must experience the Crete coffee shop called a kafeneion. Here you can enjoy a coffee, a beer, a raki, or an ouzo. You will want to try some of the typical Greek foods, especially since it is known to have such great health benefits and nutritional value. Their menu is filled with fish and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. One classic is dolmades or stuffed grape leaves. Most of the dishes are seasoned with their famous olive oil and feta cheese.

One cheese to try is the hard cheese called Graviera. Myzitra is made of ewe’s milk and Anthotiros is a soft spring, very mild, cheese. Another favorite treat is fresh honey drizzled on Greek yogurt. It is not easy to learn a foreign language but mastering a few essential phrases such as ordering dinner at a nice Greek restaurant can add another dimension to your holiday here.